@MaHuJa hi,

We currently only pack, don't binarize. Currently we use MakePBO and Depbo.dll (will check if we can upgrade to the latest version shortly) Currently you can't have a mix of pre-built and to-be-built, however I've added it for the next deploy of our CI tool (we'll not recurse Addons and Dta folders, however we will copy pbo's from these folders) The json should be in the root of the repository/archive. The sourcePath should be a relative path and should specify the root of the modfolder, so without one specified, we assume the repostiory/archive root is the root of the modfolder (containing addons folder etc). If your data exists in a subfolder, e.g "src", then you'd specify "src" as source path. (as commonly used in C# projects I think) Pre and Postfix here is just for the filename, you can use the Mikero tools supported PBOPREFIX format to handle the pboprefixes.

Let me know if there's anything we can do to make it more useful to you :)