Introducing the new 'Sync' client and web-first experience

  • withSIX


    We've redesigned our Experience from start to finish, a reboot if you will..

    We've left out everything you don't need, and have created a very smooth experience,
    from the moment you've discovered and selected the content you're interested in, to the moment you launch the game, or join a server with it.

    The client has become a background process, facilitating the processes your browser normally can't, with minimal interface and minimal functionality,
    intended as a last-resort, in case you are offline or the web is unreachable for whatever reason and need to access local content.

    For a primer, check out the [url=]GTA V withSIX Public Beta[/url].
    The legacy Play withSIX client is still in use and supported.[/i]

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