Blog Post: Upload mods directly from your PC!

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    This sprint we worked on the processes of publishing and updating mods for authors.

    Until now content had to be linked from somewhere else for our system to download it. This update allows you to upload content directly to our network, where we process it in real-time!

    With this feature it's faster and easier for mod authors to upload and update your content.

    Updating your mod now just takes a few seconds, in most cases. Delta patching technology only uploads the changed parts of the files. This significantly reduces the size of your updates and the time it takes to share them.

    [size=6]The Key features:[/size][]Automated BI Key Signing[/][]Userconfig support[/][]R- Sync Delta patching 
    (Compares files on bit level and only uploads the required changes)[/
    ][]Auto compression[/][size=4]How to use:Upload via web interface[/size]

    [list=1][]Click on “add mod” on the filter page or select “Upload New Version” on your content page[/][]Choose “browse your computer”[/][]Select the folder you want to synchronize[/][]Click on Accept to commence upload[/]
    [size=4]Folder Based Upload (BETA)[/size]

    As a bonus, we are also releasing the beta version of our brand new explorer based upload extension! 
    Check out the latest release at the Laboratory for the download and source-code!

    After launching the small file, the actions to publish and update your mods will always be available by right clicking your mod folders.

    Test it yourself, give us feedback and help with the development! :) When stable enough we will build this feature into Sync.

    [size=6]Future Plans[/size]

    For the future we plan to increase the ability for automated uploads. Adding extensions and functions for integration into GIT and other development platforms. Allowing you to publish updates as part of a continuous integration.

    We also want to provide possibilities for third party uploads. Using withSIX to instantly publish your mod to other platforms.

    We hope you enjoy this latest addition to our platform,

    the withSIX Team

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