What I miss most in Sync

  • Sync is really missing basic features I would expect to have. Like install / update option that PWS had, so I can see what I will be updating / installing and that there is an update.
    Now I don't even know what am I downloading, some status info would be great, like in PWS

    Another thing is that I can't do anything with the collection.. I would like to diagnose it, choose optional mods, uninstall it, open it in browser etc.

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    Greetings Evro,

    thank you for your feedback.

    Regarding the download que.

    We are already developing on this feature. A first version is currently already available for uploads. Over the next weeks we will also display the downloads in a similar fashion. You will then be able to see all details about each download, que them and also cancel individual ones.

    About Collection editing.

    This might be a missunderstanding. You are already able to fully interact with your collection within your library. Only optional mods are not fully implemented yet. However you can remove and add collections, as well as edit them in a editor. Maybe I do not understand you correctly, can you specify a bit more what you mean ?

    Best regards


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    For Cards in the Library on the web:
    Any content: Added Diagnose option to the dropdown menu at the bottom, next to the main action
    Collections: Added Forking option to the dropdown menu at the top
      (Uninstall is already available from the dropdown menu at the bottom, next to the main action)

    Status / Queue / Info is something we're working on. There's an Updates section in the Library but it is currently broken. We hope to fix it soon, and also give you more telemetry :)
    Optional mods is also something we're working on.

    As to accessibility from within the mini Client:

    • Open in web, should be happening when you click the Avatar, if not then that's a bug.
    • Other actions for now within the client will not be supported, we are working on merging the web and the client experience, through SyncUI.

  • About the opening in the web, my bad I missed that. I would still prefer to have the basic actions also in the mini client - update, diagnose and uninstall.
    But as I mentioned earlier, the thing that most troubles me is that I don't know if there is an update, what is updating, how big is the update etc. (I'm talking mainly about the sync mini client) Otherwise all good!
    Good to hear about the SyncUI, looking forward to it! :)

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