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    Following the announcement of the [url=]Sync client[/url]...
    For the past weeks we have been working on a web based content platform for GTA5 mods. The goal, to create an easy way to find, download and play community content.
    Here it is, the first public beta release of
    [url=]GTAV withSIX[/url]
    To give a taste of how the system works, we have already prepared a couple of mods for download. 
    [u]The key features in a nutshell:[/u]
    [list][]Download and Launch mods directly from the website[/][]A small but powerful download client that keeps all data in Sync[/][][b]Fully automatic installation of RPF based mods!!![/b][/][]Combine mods into Playlists and launch them together[/][]Save and access playlists via a web based library[/][]Dependency Support (Automatic download of required mods)[/][/list][img][/img]
    In order to use GTAV withSIX, ScripthookV and OpenIV are required. As these plugins are currently available exclusively on the authors homepage, you need to manually download and install them. 
    [b]Download links: [/b]
    [url=]Script Hook V[/url]
    [u]Your mod on withSIX[/u]?
    We will provide an automated mod processing system within the next days. This will include full support for RPF based mods too, of course.  [img][/img]
    Until then, please add your mods [url=]here[/url], we will process them for you.
    [u]Want to give us feedback or report issues?[/u]
    This project is currently in an early stage of development, all aspects are subject to change and improvement.
    Any issues you encounter with our client or the website, please report them [url=]here[/url].
    For Feedback and suggestions, please use [url=]this forum category[/url].
    Are you a skilled C#, C++ or JavaScript developer or Html designer and you want to help with the project? Any support is most welcome, contact us. J
    [u]What's next?[/u]
    Here is a little preview on features and improvements, currently in development:
    [list][]Version control and branch support (alpha, beta...)[/][]Share your playlists and collections[/][]Conflict resolver (Checks and resolves conflicts between mods)[/][]Community project support (work with your friends on the same project)[/][]Full Knowledge base on GTA files and content functions[/][]DLC based mod support (create your mod as a DLC)[/][/list][u]WithSIX technology is open for everyone[/u]
    If you have your own launcher or you are interested to customize ours, feel free to use our API or check our code, as this project is open source. Code and documentation will be available upon final release.
    We hope you enjoy this preview 
    stay tuned for more [img][/img]

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