Play With Six Premium is worth nothing

  • So I just paid 4 € for the premium membership on PlaywithSix because I was downloading a few mods very slowly. After I paid for premium my download speed increased from about "800 KB/s - 1.2 MB/s" to about "1.3 MB/s - 1.9 MB/s". My download speed as meassured on is about 11.3 MB/s. Paying for premium is absolutely not at all worth the money if I only get a speed increase by 30% from nothing. I demand to be able to download with at least 80% of my actual download speed (11.3 MB/s) or else I would like my money back. And I expect a fast answer as promised for premium members...

  • withSIX

    Hi please find the responses and track the issue at [url=][/url]

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