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  • Hi every time I try to launch the game the screen goes black and I get an error message   error creating Direct 3D11 graphical engine any ideas guys have not the game played for a while thanks in advance  regards MJS

  • withSIX

    @MAD_Mike make sure you run the arma3.exe from the game installation directory, and not that you made a copy of it on your desktop or elsewhere

  • Ok sickboy  I will try not sure how to do it but Ill be  Back

  • Good afternoon still got the same problem plus steam is saying i have a disk read error as well   why do we need steam?

  • withSIX

    [quote=MAD_Mike] steam is saying i have a disk read error as well   why do we need stea[/quote]For A3 Steam is required as it is the only way to launch it. BI went steam only a while back. Something seems to be corrupted with the installation. You can try to fix it by clicking on Repair in the steam library.

  • Thank you Sonsalt I will give it a go. On another subject Call of duty Advanced warfare was given to me for my birthday I have loaded it but Steam say that I have write disk error and cant update the game and go to help desk ect ect  I gave up   thanks again    regards MAD

  • withSIX

    Try exit Steam. Then right click steam, run as administrator and give it another spin

  • Hi again back in the game ARMA3 gave up on C.o.D, I uninstalled every thing then  reinstalled still the same reinstalled graphics card driver and hey presto thanks for the input its nice to know that there is somewhere to go and  ask a stupid question and not get Trolled all over   regards Mike

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