With sync review ?

  • Hello i just wanted to share my findings on the new WithSync program
    First of i used PlayWithSix a lot, i love making missions on arma and i love using a lot of mods to do so.
    For my last 2 weeks ive been trying to use Sync because Six was refussing to update and not letting me log in anymore.

    Lets me just after 2 weeks i got extremly frustrated with the PlayWithSync .

    First of Creating collections, in with Six this was realy easy fast no problem, in withsix this is still easy (onces you found how to)
    bust it takes slightly longer, then you launch it in both applications. not realy a big problem.

    But then editing a collection, lets say adding another mod. This is where it lost me. Where With Six its just drag and drop, With Sync it is
    realy confusing. First navigate trough the website, finding the collection. Then trying to add another mod. And finnaly having to redownload
    all the mods because the browser cant see that the mods are already installed. 1hour later you can launch the game again, and all this for 1 mod.

    So in the end I think the With Sync just needs simple Navigation something that has a nice overview (list) of all you collections en make is easier to modify existing onces,
    Today i unistalled and reinstalled PlayWithSix and i will stick with this for now. I hope in your further development you keep supporting WithSix for now>

  • withSIX

    Thanks for your feedback @Kable and apologies for our delayed reply!

    We are working on improving Sync / the web experience a whole lot further. What you're seeing right now is really just a base for us to try out the functionality, get used to the flow ourselves and move into an open source direction with our APIs being available.
    That being said, we are aware of most of its short comings even in this stage and want to do a whole lot better going forward.

    Play withSIX has helped us build on our goals and is right now the most complete solution we have.

    Now if you haven't already, please check out the first steps we've taken into improving the website to behave more like PwS:  https://community.withsix.com/topic/118/new-look-and-feel-to-match-new-functionalities
    Stuff like drag-and-drop will be looked into but is less natural on the web for regular visitors, the new design will take this into account and provides cues where dragging is supported and introduce UI elements where you can more naturally drop into a collection.
    Keep sharing your feedback and thanks again for sharing this review already.

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