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  • Hey,

    Been a long time user of Play withSix & SIX Updater...just wanted to share my two cents.

    I want to start out with a more current thing and that being Trello. From what I understand Trello is to replace the getsatisfaction support/bug reporting system in the future.
    I'd like to say that I am not stupid nor retarded however the whole Trello thing confused me. It does not seem like it's developed for bug reporting and the whole having-to-comment-before-reporting system makes it even more weird.
    I also asked a friend, of which I recently discovered had also posted on Trello. He too said it was confusing. I personally would prefer a system like Mantis' Bug Tracker, something many people are used to. However this is but only my opinion, do with it as you please.

    Secondly I'd like to compliment the new community forums. I notice a significant change in loading times of these forums after my post and I find it to be a good implementation. Looks quite good (though one tiny suggestion, make the thread/reply writing part slightly contrasted to the rest of the website. That faint line does not seperate quite well, pic: [url=][/url] ). But overall, tis a good change from getsatisfaction (Trello is not however!).
    Also half way done writing this..the writing section went downwards and I am unable to get it up top, meaning I couldn't finish my thread. (pic: [url=][/url] )
    I literally am writing the rest of my thread using Notepad++ now because it won't scroll further down -_-

    Thirdly, a short one; I play GTA 5 so I figured, why not give that Sync thing a try. Made a collection of 6 mods, tried to launch the crashes to desktop even before opening. Now because I had prior mods manually installed (using openIV) I am assuming it's because of this (thus no bug report), however I would like to ask - do you need a clean install of GTA 5 for Sync to work? Your original post does not state this.

    Last but certaintly not least, a suggestion for play withsix.
    From what I read you are already making efforts into improving download speeds by combining files, which sounds great.
    However it'd be also great if the loading times of the program itself can be reduced. Now, the initial loading time (clicking on the .exe, seeing the logo) I can understand them taking a while. However after finally seeing the screen, I am still stuck waiting 2-3 mins for 'Syncing' to be complete.
    This is particularly annoying after my game crashed and I'm trying to get back into the game after closing the withsix process because it was taking > 500mb memory.
    Any way that the syncing can be put as manual, or at least for the collection selected? Maybe as an option in settings? I have 314 mods in my ArmA 3 gamefolder and I really don't need them all to be synced on boot-up of the program.

    So, finishing up my post here in Notepad++, I hope my opinion came through, if you need me to go in depth on an aforementioned subject feel free to reply. Took a surprising amount of time to write.
    Also, notepad++ screwed the formatting on copy paste, sorry for that.

    edit: and oops, sorry for not following the guidelines exactly, but this is more of an opinion post than a suggestion post.

    Kind regards,

  • withSIX

    @MrSanchezHD thanks for the message!
    Sorry for the late response, at EU it was sleeping time when you posted and when we got up, there was a major internet outtage..

    The invite-requirement for Trello is a bit nasty indeed, it's a workaround at best :)
    We choose to use Trello because it allows us to show the status of the item depending on the list it is in, and because it integrates well with our internal flow.
    However we'll take your feedback to heart and see if we can improve some or how we can otherwise address it :)
    Perhaps we'll give the option, just like with Suggestions, to post them to the forums :)

    Great you like the new forums! You can pull up the editor by using the White-on-Black arrow on the left up. Hopefully that sorts out the post size issue.
    We will keep it uptodate and customize it further in the future..

    Regarding Sync and GTA5; It should clean automatically.
    Which mods have you tried that crash (perhaps it's the combination, or one of them is not working well)?
    Which edition of the game do you have (Steam or Rockstar)?

    Regarding Play withSIX; we're aware of the limitations and issues, in terms of stability and performance etc.
    It's very difficult to address however, and it is one of the reasons why we started a-new with Sync and the website,
    it's a cleanslate and a very solid foundation thusfar, we're working hard on buffing up the functionality etc. 
    At this time I cannot say when and if we can stabilize Play withSIX any further..

    Regards, and hope to read more from you

  • Hi,

    I was aware it was was like 2:40am in Holland when I wrote that ;)

    That arrow button, I must've pulled it down by accident...silly me.

    Regarding Sync, before I had installed sync I believe I had a preview build of FiveM mod (a WIP multiplayer client), a native trainer, a turn signal mod and mods that change deformation & handling.

    After installing Sync I added: Sync VFS, Raider's blood violence, colored weapon icons, better deformation + more durable cars and gun sounds overhaul mod to a collection and tried to run the game.
    At that point I had an outdated version of OpenIV installed (and had no scripthook, which I installed after the error message popped up about it) with up-to-date openIV and outdated openIV(one of the first releases of openIV) I clicked launch and it immediately crashed.
    I then updated openIV (after reading the post) and tried again. My screen went black ,got the rockstar logo or w/e is shown first and then it crashed halfway through that sequence.
    I for one would suggest that the Sync client checks whether or not openIV and Scripthook are up to date rather than to just check if they're present.

    I have just verified gta 5 integrity on Steam, launched again. Got to the intro with the window crash sound effect and then it crashed. I will now try to adjust my collection and keep testing.

    In regards to Play withSIX,  it's a great program. I can live with the fact that it takes up half a gig or that it takes a while to load. I just thought that the boot-up syncing was something that could be adjusted but I can imagine it being a done project.

    By the way, with Sync, do you intend to (on long term) replace Play withSix? If so, I'm curious as to how custom repositories will work with that (I can imagine not having thought about that yet though).

    Kind regards,

  • Oh and, I think using the forums as bug reporting is a good idea too.

    Especially when it's bugs regarding the forums like this one right here:

    unable to change my picture :P

  • withSIX

    @MrSanchezHD no worries :)

    Thanks for the details about Mods, we're looking into them.
    It should be no problem that you had other mods installed before it.

    Good point re OpenIV/ScriptHook versions, we'll implement version check :)

    We'll evaluluate if we can improve the startup process of PwS still,
    but at least focus for now will be on Sync.

    Yea that's indeed the plan for long term. Custom repo support is already available in Sync through Shared Collections too :)
    Custom repo creation and management etc is something we're looking for in the website...
    Hope to have answered most of your questions so far.. Have to hit the bed.. Catch you tomorrow! ;-)

  • That's all the questions so far.

    I have posted the gta 5 startup problem on Trello.

    Kind regards,

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