Some feedback

  • I tried the new sync interface to try some mod management. But looking at the interface, i just got more confused. My assumption with the bottom-right window was that it was my ACTIVE collection, that i could use to LAUNCH my game. This doesn't seem to be right, and it's just a tool CREATE a collection. Nothing more. This seems like a missed opportunity to at least make the collection/playlist management a bit more easy.

    Take a look at the screenshot below. My main annoyance with a first look.


    It seems you CAN load your own collections from this window though. But you use the search field for that. But this thing is also beyond usability guidelines:


    I did some tinkering around and came up with these changes to make the dialog a bit more usable and giving it a bit more active management function:


  • withSIX

    Good looking solution, I like it. 
    Although we're working on a new UI that also revamps the playlist, it might be possible to implement your suggestions rather quick for the mean time

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