Does anyone know why I cant add some select mods to a collection?

  • Also how do I if I can?

  • withSIX

    Greetings and happy holidays,

    in order to help you, I would need some additional information.

    1. What program are you using, did you create the collection on the web or via PwS
    2. What mods did you try to add and how ?
    3. was the collection published ?

    Also if you can add an image or additional info on the collection I can have a look at it.

    Best regards


  • The collection itself works fine. It is more or less just adding some mods such as I just simply cant add the to my mod pack.

  • withSIX

    [quote=manoftheyear2010]ttp://[/quote]I would need to know how you are trying to do this, via the web interface ?

  • @Sonsalt Yes I am using the website and clicking the three dot tab and clicking "add to collection" but when the window comes up asking which one I should add it to there are no options.

  • withSIX

    [quote=manoftheyear2010]II-plan[/quote]Thanks, I can reproduce the error, it appears that the function for the quick menu has not been added. So when you are trying to add a ported A2 mod into an A3 collection it shows no options.  there. I have created a public ticket and we will process it.

    [url=]Error Report[/url]

    Thank you for the report , please check the ticket for further info and processing.

    In the meantime, here is how you can add the mod to your collections

    1. go to your library/collections
    2. Select the collection you want to edit (or click on the dropdown /edit function on the top right of the card)
    3. Enter the desired mod into the search field below "ADD mods" (use the @foldername to be more precise)

    The mod should now be added :)

    Happy holidays.

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