Question about support for ARMA 2 (CO) mods

  • Question is:

    How long you provide support to ARMA 2 CO mods?
    Now Arma 3 is getting more mods, do you still have storage place for Arma 2 CO mods/addons for longtime range?

    Just question, that is not about problems...

  • withSIX

    [quote=iDompsu]w long you provide support to ARMA 2 CO mod[/quote]We intend to keep the support for A2 up for as long as there are users who want to play :)
    One of the good things about the arma series is that Mods between the versions are largely compatible, or can be made compatible without much effort.

    There are no plans to cut A2 support or to remove any A2 mods for the foreseeable future, so no worries.

    However we are planing to add support for additional games, if you are interested to help or know games that you would like us to support, let us know :)

    best regards


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