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    Our clients download multiple files at once, there are often many bigger and smaller files involved.
    When there are a lot of small files, then the maximum download potential is generally lower than when bigger files are involved.
    Also the speed indication might not be very accurate when many small files are involved.

    How can I improve my experience?

    The best way is to download more mods at the same time.

    How many connections and speed are available to users?

    We provide up to 3 connections of each 400KB/sec, so as long as there are 3 files to download, your speed will be up to 1200 KB/sec.
    As a Premium user, we provide up to 6 connections and no speed limit per connection. Theoretically you should be able to maximize your bandwidth at most times.

    When I have low download speeds, what info is needed to help?

    • Your location
    • Your ISP info incl maximum capacity
    • What content and for which game are you trying to download?

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