sync probs

  • hey folks, 
    last night I updated so i could play with my clan and the next thing is it, won't update now, and keeps giving me ' error info:exception of type SN.withsix.sync.core.transfer.mirrorselectors.hostlistexhausted' and another one this am and 2 crashes.  the crash reports have been emailed in but still cant get it to work.
    have also uninstalled and reinstalled play with six.
    any ideas?

  • withSIX

    Hi are you using a custom repository?
    Does the problem still occur?

    If you could please send the logs over dropbox or similar service, thanks!
     In the settings, you can go diagnostics menu, and pick save logs.

  • hi sickboy, unfortunately no i havent been able to resolve it.  i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling ad am using the latest version.  whats you email address and i'll send you the logs.  sorry dont use dropbox or any similar service.

  • it's now saying '
    'a problem occurred during updating remotes
    Error info: the host list was exhausted'

  • withSIX

    @selchu I see, you can send them to support at withsix dot com

  • hey folks did you get anywhere with this?

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