"Problem occurred during Updating"

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    Im a huge fan of the Play with Six mod loader, its been amazing to me since I got it after Six Updater (man the feels like forever ago), until recently. It originally only popped  with "A problem occurred during updating" when i tried to update RHS AFRF mod to its most recent patch ( Now though it seems to have moved to all other mods requiring an update. I followed the pop ups instructions and trouble shot it. I disabled my security suit, I ran as admin (like I always do), I did everything the guide told me and i still receive this problem. I do have the logs saved and ready i just dont know where to send them!! any and all help would be appreciated!

  • withSIX

    @Dreadnaught108 howdy! Glad to meet such a long-time and happy user! Sorry it isn't under better circumstances :)
    If you still have issues, you could send the logs over dropbox, google drive, yousendit etc or other such services... 

  • where would the locations be for any of those? any hint in the right direction would be awesome!

  • withSIX

    @Dreadnaught108 In the settings, you can go diagnostics menu, and pick save logs.

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