MODS are Always downloading/ Installing

  • Hi, I'm new to your launcher. I've got my MODS for ARMA 3 loaded but they seem to be in a perpetual of downloading and installing. My MODS are EXILE, Breaking Point, EPOCH, ACE, and the CUP packs.

    The MODS look to be working fine. I'm new to ARMA 3 and not that experienced with the MODS so i wouldn't know a problem if one came up.

    So whats up with them always downloading?

  • withSIX

    [quote=CPL-Killer-13]rpetua[/quote]The mods should actually complete and not show as downloading, are you using Sync or PwS?

    Where do you see the mods in the downloading status?

  • Its in Sync and the website as well. Some mods are yellow and never get the green launch. I can still launch them and play them but they always want to restart the download.

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