PwS Host list exhausted / "problem occurred"

  • Hello,

    Updated to the latest version of PwS and ever since I have been getting a steady stream of "host list exhausted" messages while the client is running and a notification that a problem has occurred when I try to update/install any mods.

    After clearing all files relating to PwS (registry, appdata, .synq files and so on) for a clean install the problem persists.


  • withSIX

    @UselessTalent hi, strange enough it seems you are getting 403 unauthorized errors while trying to access our mirrors.
    Since we don't apply authentication on the open mirrors, it is weird that this happens.
    Could there be a security suite or proxy interfeiring?

  • withSIX

    I believe the host list exhausted message should be solved now

  • [quote=Sickboy]believe the host list exhausted message should be solved n[/quote]I strongly recommend you start questioning your believes in that case.

    Worked just fine last week.

    [url=]Play withSIX.log

  • @Sickboy 
    My firewall was the first thing I suspected after looking through the logs with a friend, but nothing indicates that my firewall would have taken offense towards the newest build of PwS.

    Problem is still there (also the previous logs were apparently only from the part where the error is, apologies for that - I had maybe 7 hastebin links open when troubleshooting and I was rather tired)


    That's the full 91 kb log file I got today from launching, waiting for the host list exhausted error popping up and then attempting to install ST_Hud (+CBA dependency). Seems like at the start up PwS thinks that there should be mods on my PC when there are none or am I reading that wrong? (lines 23-94)

  • check in settings > protocol preference > ANY !!!¡?¡?

  • @bullkanox

    Tried any, Rsync preferred and Zsync preferred and all give me the same error

  • same issue, still ongoing, have had no word about it since last week when i sent my logs in.

  • withSIX

    Which mods are you guys trying to access?

  • @Sickboy

    I currently have no mods installed on my PC at all. I'm using CBA (and occasionally ST_Hud) to test if it's working

  • Probably not mod dependent, tried with a modlist, no modlist, and then individual mods. And tried the different protocol-settings. And still getting that "PwS host list exhausted"-message every time I start PWS, and few minutes after I've closed that message.

  • Hey, is there a solution out yet for that " host list exhausted" thing?

  • Ok i found out that i cant connect to your servers, but i dont know why. I deactivated everything that could block it in any way but nothing changed :(

  • Allright, if you are using F-secure, you must turn off browsing protection-feature for PwS to work.

    Or preferably add the relevant IP's or addresses to white-list / "web site exceptions"-list.

  • withSIX

    @metziih nice find, thanks for sharing!

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