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  • I am using a custom repro which has worked OK since I started using Play withSix but why is Play withSix asking me to update all the cup addons (weapons, units, vehicles, maps, terrains etc) when I only use @cup_weapons?

    I updated my client and server before Christmas and I can still access the server. My friends who use the same repo who have only reciently updated their client, cannot as they get an error Circular dependancies in AiA_Afghan_Config.

    Their addons are at the same versions as mine and the servers. We use AiA as one of the terrains we use needs it, but we also have Isla Duala and Island Panthera which I think are now dependant on cup_terrains, but according to PwS we have the same version so shouldn't be a problem!?!?

    Can you offer any suggestions?

  • It's not possible to start the game with both @cup_terrain_* and the @allinarmaterrainpack. They both declare the AiA_Afghan_Config class. Ideally only the @cup_terrain_* should be used since it will continue being updated going forward and include compatibility for older @allinarmaterrainpack specific content.

  • withSIX

    Hi please check [url=https://trello.com/c/zGid6eRF]https://trello.com/c/zGid6eRF[/url]

  • Thank you all for all the info. We are starting ArmA with just one terrian loaded.

    Thanks again.


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