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  • I have created a custom collection based on a repo I setup so I can test new addons without changing the repo.
    When I remove addons from the custom collection and launch ArmA the addons I removed from the collection are still being loaded.
    The addon still exists in the addon location which is on a different drive to where ArmA is loaded and are not in the Arma 3 folder.

    How can I clean up the collection after removing addons I don't need or want in the collection? Some of these addons are still needed for other repos so I can't delete them!

    Thanks for any help.


  • withSIX

    @CarpetBurns Hi, addons might be auto loaded because of the attached Server defines them (You can disable this behavior in the settings for the game in PwS),
    or because the addons are actually required dependencies for other mods. In this case you cannot override this behavior, other than disabling the mods who depend on them, 
    or in case you defined the dependencies on the custom repo; change them there.

    Hope this helps!

  • Thank you for the reply. It has cleared things up for me and I will be tidying up some addons that we don't need or use anymore.

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