ArmA 2 CO : ACE_A2 incompatible? and CBA_TOH for A2 CO incompatible?

  • After the latest update, ace_A2 is deemed "incompatible" and therefor wont work, but keeps forcing me to update it, same with CBA_TOH. Some of the ACE mods require ace_A2 to function. And I don't even use CBA_TOH, yet its permanently in my playlist.

  • [b]Right click[/b] on the[b] collection[/b] and click [b]launch collection[/b], but a problem i get after that is [b]"Include file hsim\editor_h\Data\Scripts\dikCodes.h not found"
    [/b]Any further ideas?

  • I can still launch the collection without updating, the problem is ace_a2 and cba_toh are deemed incompatible (even though they are) and ACE and CBA require these mods, so they need to be changed to compatible, they obviously work since they've worked all this time.

  • withSIX

    @buttkicker11 ACE_A2 is only compatible for A2 Standalone, not OA/CO. And none of the ACE mods should require it.
    CBA_TOH is only compatible with Take on Helicopters. They are game-dependent dependencies. They should not load when the active game is not compatible.
    Will have a look what's going on.

  • ACEX PLA requires ACE_A2 and CBA requires CBA TOH.

  • withSIX

    @buttkicker11 ACEX_PLA is no longer supported/maintained, and is only for A2 Original, not OA/CO.
    CBA requires CBA_TOH only when loaded in Take on Helicopters, therefore it's correct that it is not loaded.

  • Ah ok, but it is trying to load CBA TOH, when I hover over CBA it says that CBA TOH is required, therefor its loading it in my playlist.

  • I don't have any of these 3 in my collection but when i click on my collection they come in my playlist, isnt there just a way to remove them since i don't use them/need them for my mods?

  • withSIX

    @jeppehelt this is with Sync or Play withSIX?

  • It is with Play withSIX.

  • Play with six Still doesnt work. For Arma 2 CO It doesnt give me the option to run the game, instead it asks me to update mods, if i click the update button, It Instals some mods for ToH but i dont even have ToH. Then it doesnt start arma anyway. For Arma 3 it doesnt update mods required by server, so if i want to pla online, PWS is useles.

    Also i have send tons of crashreports since i installed PWS, and i still get the same errors i reported via crashreport miliontimes. I Asked for help on PWS thread in BI forums several times, didnt get any answer.   I am Really pissed.

  • When can we expect PWS to work again?

  • withSIX

    @Mireck hi we're investigating what's going on, hope to get back to you shortly...

  • withSIX

    @Mireck a fix for this is on the way now, ETA 30 mins.

  • withSIX


    please let me know if the recent deploy has fixed your issue

  • Arma 2 CO Issue with CBA seems to be fixed. I will test it on my other computer at saturday and let you know.

    Thanks for the response.

  • This is still happening to me, on a server that requires @ASR_AI I get update to CBA_TOH that never resolves.

    Getting the server mod collection, launching the game, and finding the server in the in-game browser does work.

  • sorry, but after i delete and install again playwithsix and arma i have exactly same problem as other guys. when i select server which recquire CBA, play with six want me to update my mods and download CBA TOH, this fail every time, so i click join without update and after i join server Arma mesagge me with error that i dont have Arma CBA compatibile( when i manulay create colection with server mods and manualy add CBA_CO then launch arma, than find server and join it, than it works)- have nice day

  • withSIX

    Thanks for reports guys, sorry for the hassle.
    We're tracking it over at
    Hope to get a bit of time for it later today.

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