PwS error: "A non fatal error has occurred...processing Synq data...Error code 1"

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    [/url]I posted this over at " ", but had since gotten a response in another forum there that the withSix community had moved here. So I am re-posting the issue here to get visibility:

    I have installed and uninstalled PWS several times trying to get this error to go away.
    The PWS install did start installing a few mods on the
    first try, but then it broke when downloading a mod, and now all I get
    is the error: Non fatal error occurred. An error occurred during the
    processing of Synq data.

    • This error occurs now during the start of the app, when i try to do any update, or install any mod.
    • I tried the trick of removing the .sync directory and restarting, but it didn't work.
    • I tried running with administrator privs, it didn't do anything different.

    I have posted the particular lines of the PWS log where it broke at: [url=][/url]
    Yes, I have it installed on another drive. That should not matter.

    This is on Windows 7 with latest updates. Nothing other than PwS is installed on the image, I just rebuilt it.
    The ArmA installs are on another system, shared out as mounted network drives to this system. This is necessary as I play ArmA in Linux Wine, and PwS will not run in Wine at all.
    I do not know what the particular issue is. I have tried running with the debug enabled and don't seem to get an error I can decipher.
    If any further troubleshooting information is needed please let me know.

  • Never mind, I have posted this error as a ticket over on the Trello site as instructed in the sticky here.

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