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  • Hi there PlaywithSix team, I'm having an issue with launching Arma 2: Combined Operations using PwS. I'm able to download mods and launch the game itself with relative ease, and if I launch the game through Steam then I do not encounter this issue. However, when I launch the game through PwS either by joining a server from the launcher or by simply launching the game without a server selected and trying to use multiplayer through the game itself. The player profile I have selected has its player id number set to ERROR, as such I cannot join any servers.

    Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated, I'm sure it's just my own incompetence but it'd be nice to have help with solving it.

  • withSIX

    @Risingstudios The first thing you can do is go into PwS and select your game. Go to game settings and check the section called "startup parameters" it's the one with the "editor" button.
    In the Editor screen you will see the name field with a drop-down menu. Try choosing a different profile name from the drop-down if there is one.

    Let us know if this helped or not.

  • No good I'm afraid. It's a very bizarre issue, when I launch Arma 2 through steam, I've made a second profile named TEST and both that profile and my main profile have their player ID's... But when I launch through PwS, both profiles PlayerID's appear as ERROR.

  • withSIX

    @Risingstudios where do you find this "Error" text? 
    Can you add a screenshot? thanks

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