Add a contextual menu to avoid automatic updating addons

  • Hi,
    I have several addons which don't need to be downloaded. CBA is a very common addon, shared by huge communities. Steam, as Arma provider, is surely the biggest one.
    Problem comes from the PW6 and Steam often host different versions which could lead to servers kicks (not recognized addon compatibility). CBA is just an example. Mods like RHS, CUP or else are not very often synchronized in all communities.
    I suggest you add a contextual menu (right click) when addon is selected to add the option "never update this addon" . In this way, the owner keeps the version he shares without automatic update when P6W analyses the collection.

  • withSIX

    @PierreMGI Good idea. We have something similar already in PwS but I'm not sure if it works reliable when you also sync using other tools.

    What you can do is select "change version" and set it to your current version instead of the default "latest".
    I can see the system still thinking it needs to update your file when you synced it over a different system though, but I'm not 100% sure if that's actually recognized as a version change.

    Hope this helps. Let me know

  • OK fine! Thank you Paragraphic L . I didn't cath that point.
    btw, I cant' upload anything. I'm logged with my Steam account as i don't like social networks with PiepMGI and my profile name is PierreMGI . Normally this difference between profile and login name should be accepted ! I sent report error message for that.
    I can't hint and modify my own addon : [url=][img][/img][/url]

    Or upload some missions like this one:

  • withSIX

    @PierreMGI hi Pierre, you need to first claim your mods before you can edit them. Have you completed this process? Is that with the right user account, or with a wrong one or ?

  • @Sickboy
    I can't claim it, i can't upload any mission, I'm logged with my true stem user account (PiepMGI)  and this leads to my Steam/PW6 logged user/profile PierreMGI.  It seems PW6 recognizes my Steam account but can't do a link between this automatic profile and access to upload. When I click to PW6 profile / credential my address looks like [email protected] . Is this a problem?

  • withSIX


    You're linking to a mod, not a mission. In any case, please click the "This is me" behind your name at the Author section right-side down, and claim the mod.
    If you get an error or message, please let us know which :)

  • @Sickboy

    Thank you Sickboy. I know the difference between a mod and a mission. If you read me, you'll see that the "claim" of a mod is a very little side problem. I can't upload any mission, anything in fact. So, could you imagine i've done all possibilities of all menus since several weeks? You seem to have a problem with steam account and/or profile name different than login name. I can login on Steam of course, armaholic, playwith6... But  with PW6, logged or not, there is not difference in fact! collections are the same and upload doesn't work in all cases.

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