HELP... I can get six to launch any mods automatically when joining a server

  • Hello and thank you for any help you can give.

    Six use to automatically launch the required mod set or add them to the update button if I needed more. I would then update and relaunch into the server and play. The issue is that the server mods do not get activated.
    Running as admin. Firewalls checked and has permission. All mods are there and install when i select new ones from the list. They also show up in arma3 so my target paths are good.
    I have used 6 for arma2 and it worked as designed so i'm not a newb to with6.
    My buddy has the same issue as well and i can't find anything on the web to get past this.


  • Hi Crispygrub,
    While ArmA 3 Server Browser shows active mods of the servers, PW6 and for example [size=2] aren't capable anymore.

    I guess the reason is in the server browser that BI wants to make in the future.

    Only thing that makes me wonder, PWS Mod listing of servers wasn't working longer than when BI announced to make it, but perhaps they were verifying compatibility with steam browser etc. before they would announce something they couldn't make, and tue to that it's not working for such a long time.
    Not much you can do, but make your own collection, launch arma, write all the active mods, and then insert them manually into the server collection.
    Cruel work if you want to play with multiple different mod combos on multiple servers, I know.

    But on the other hand, perhaps we can get our hands on the new arma server browser soon (I hope), because it really sux, investing so much time in analysing servers and mods instead of playing.

  • withSIX

    Our issue with the accuracy of Mods for servers is that we can't get the information reliably. While back in the days with GameSpy all the mods were in the Server name, the Steam protocol does not have enough space for this.

    Thus we can not provide this function anymore. We have been investigating alternative options, including the ability for authors to claim their servers on our network and connect the mods to the servers. Already you can create a collection and attack a server to it. This will allow you to launch the game and directly join the server with the desired mods and the correct version etc.

    We do hope that BI will release the info on how to read out the mods for servers, but until then this will not be possible.

    For more on this subject browse here: [url= ]Web Based Server browser and Mods[/url]

    Best regards


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