CUP terrains core is duplicated

  • Hi,

    It seems like the dependency of cup_terrains and the link in the description of the cup_terrains mods lead to 2 different mod pages.

    Is there a reason there are 2 different ones? Are both up to date and use the same files?



  • withSIX


    well I am not sure what you mean. The authors them selves have added the links. From what I can tell, one is the Core mod and the other one has additional map content. They are not the same, as the size is already quite a different one.

    For more info it is best to either comment on the mod page or visit the BI forum link on the bottom of the page.

    I hope this helps

    Best regards


  • Link 1:
    CORE DATA pack is required![url=] [/url][/quote]

    Link 2 is in the "dependencies":

    It seems like it's the same page, though, but the link is different.

    Also, it seems like the dependency is not loaded automatically when loading the CUP terrains mod!

  • withSIX

    Ah, I see what you mean, no worries this is redundant. The author has added the required mod as dependency. For extra caution he has also put it into the description. However you don't have to worry about this. It is being handled automatically by our system.

  • It seems like it didn't launch the dependency, though once I added the dependency to the collection, it didn't seem to download anything and launched everything correctly.

    I think there might be some bug, as I had others report the same issue - Core is not activated when running the terrains.

    For now, I worked around it by adding the core to the collection...

  • withSIX

    Will investigate and do a test download, are you using Sync or Pws?

    Usually you do not have to add it to your collection as it is loaded automatically. Will come back to you soon once I have downloaded and tested it.

  • withSIX


    I have downloaded and launched @CUP_Terrains and the dependency was loaded correctly. If the issue still persists for you, can you do me a favor

    Select only CUP Terrains and launch it. Then close the Game and save the logs.

    You can find the logs in Menu/Settings/diagnostics/Save logs, Upload them to dropbox or alike and add the link here.

    We will be able to look into this and figure out why the dependency is not loading

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