Unable to sync to collections or update my own. (Was only just able to finally login a few hours ago)

  • So as the title of post says, I am unable to sync to my own collections linked to the account and thus am unable to update those collections. The entirety of yesterday I was unable to login to my account on the PlayWithSIX program, (I was able to login in the in-app browser though), and was only able to do so early this morning. However, I am still having problems with getting my collections. I am logged in the app and the in-app browser, however my collections remain empty. I had done a clean install to solve problems I had in the past w/ the app, and this was the fix I attempted recently. In the past my published collections would return when I logged in, but I am not even able to sync to another collection either. I have read that it may be associated with the same problem of how I was not able to log in (reference post "PW6 cant connect. I am able to Log In (premium user) but...", who had the same exact problem with the only difference of myself not owning premium). If it is the same issue, has the solution been released and am I just not seeing it? One last note is that I occassionally still get "Connecting failed" but it works after 1-2 retries.

  • withSIX

    Thank you for the report, we are currently deploying a fix for this. The issue should be resolved soon.

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    @Snake4199 hi, the issue should be resolved in latest builds, please let us know how it goes!

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