Repository is Locked

  • Whats required to rectify this repeated error that wont allow any mod updates.

  • withSIX

    Greetings SnR,

    In order to figure out why you get this message, we would need some additional information.Also to best handle your issue, it would make sense if you could create an issue ticket here:

    [url= ]WithSIX Issue Tracker[/url]

    The following info would help us tracking down the problem:

    1. PwS or Sync Logfiles: 
      For PwS go to Menu/Settings/Diagnostics/Save logs
      for Sync Settings/ Save Logs

    2. What repository is affected?
      Please post the URL of the Repository or send us a private message

    3. What steps are you taking before the error message.
      This helps us reproducing the error

    This message generally appears when a repository has a PW and you don't have access to it.

    Best regards


  • withSIX

    Is this with Sync or PwS? Sync can get this error if you leave PwS running while using Sync.

  • Last week this error could not be replicated soon as i posted here. But it seems to have returned again. Error shows when PWS is started and when a Mod requires updating ?

    Note: a PC restart with PWS opened as Administrator removes "Lock Repository" Error and allows immediate downloading of required updates

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