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    Following the ARMA3 1.56 release with steam workshop server mods support ([url=https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/How_to_enable_Steam_Workshop_support_in_Server_Browser]more info[/url])
    A quick tool to assist ARMA 3 Server admins with linking mods easily to Steam / server browser, and to the withSIX network

    Features[list][]Retrieve SteamID for one or more modfolders[/][]Write meta.cpp for modfolders who's SteamID was retrieved[/][]Report existing meta.cpp's to the withSIX platform so other GSD users retrieve them (See feature 1 above)[/][]Report used mods of server to the withSIX platform so users can join with the right mods[/][]Daemon mode so new running servers are detected and handled automatically[/][]Works on Windows, Linux, Mac ;-)[/][/list]Download: [url=https://github.com/SIXNetworks/withSIX-GSD/releases]https://github.com/SIXNetworks/withSIX-GSD/releases[/url]
    Please report issues and feedback at the [url=https://github.com/SIXNetworks/withSIX-GSD/issues]issue tracker[/url] (feel free to fork and create pull requests!);



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    A new version was released! v0.3.0: [url=https://github.com/SIXNetworks/withSIX-GSD/releases/tag/v0.3.0]https://github.com/S...ases/tag/v0.3.0[/url]
    [list][]Add support for the 'name' field.[/][]Add support for modfolders that are named after their steam ID.[/][/list]

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