problems with collections

  • so I have used Pw6 before and I use to just go to the server I want to play on for arma 3, right click and click add mods to collections or something like that, well now I can't do it, it makes the collection but it doesn't grab the mods for the server. do I have to now manually add the mods them self? or can this be possibly fixed

  • withSIX

    @tlloki since Gamespy got shut down and BI had to switch to Steam for their server browser we've not been able to gather mod info correctly from servers, sadly.
    We're working on a solution and hoping for BI to give us some support too, but right now we sadly can't accurately provide this feature.

    Lots of servers and communities have published compatible collections though, you might find what you want here: [url=] [/url]

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