Issue with claiming a modification

  • Hey guys,
    I registered today and tried to upload a mod created by our team (BWMod / Bundeswehr-Modifikation).
    Following your steps as described in "Get started publishing / Submit a new mod"  lead me to a point I experienced some issues. When filling in the needed information like Mod Name, Folder Name etc. it says that the >Folder Name (@bwa3) already exists<.
    I found this site ( for the mod created by your team?
    Hitting the "This is me"-button just gave me a hint to contact you.

    [size=1]Content Claiming[b]Modification - [/b]BWMod Team[b]We're sorry for the inconvenience![/b]
    Unfortunately your modification links to an external site we don't support content claiming from yet.

    For unclaimed content we use links to external sites where the mod is
    hosted by the real author to allow the author to use a token only they
    can place on their site to verify that the mod they are claiming is
    their own.

    [b]What you can do...[/b]
    Contact us through our support page and let us know that we don't support the website we link to for your mod.

    [/size]Hopefully you can help me out with that problem.


  • withSIX

    Most certainly, I am glad to help,

    Until BI updated their forums claiming mods that have been connected were no problem, now however we first need to update the URL. Usually I do this when I update mods.

    Updated your BI forum URL, this should allow you to claim your mod now. However you can also give me your withSIX Username and I will connect you. Please send me your name via the BI forum PM so I can verify you. my Username there is Sonsalt6

    best regards

  • I'm having issues claiming two mods on the new BIS forums:

    I click the "this is me" button to start the claim process and it provides me with an Token code of the format pwsc-{Some171CharacterHash=}. For a start the "Copy" button doesn't work when I click on it so I have to highlight the Token code and Ctrl+C to copy it myself, but anyway I copy and paste it in to my post on the forum at the link provided in the claim form ( and respectively) and make sure the post is saved as updated/edited before I click Verify.

    It then gives me an error:

    We are unable to retrieve a valid Claim token from your page RequestID: Some36CharacterHash (400: Bad Request)

  • withSIX

    Thanks for the info, hmm let me add you as author for you. Please give me your withSIX User name and I can add you as author.

  • Sorry for the late reply. My username:

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