Play with Six unbale to remember settings after get shot down.

  • Hi guys, everytime i restart play with six, i´ve got a problem with loosing all my informations about my game in it. It says its unable to find the game and all the time loosing set path to game in computer, all collections worked out and even all settings.

  • Not a first time i hear about this. Few people in my clan have same problem, and iam not able to help them. What OS do you use?

  • withSIX

    Hi, you're exiting pws through the normal exit method built into the software?
    Could you please send us your log files?
    (Enable diagnostics mode in settings, then set it up as desired, then exit the software, start it up once more, and then in the settings save the diagnostics logs and send it over dropbox or equivelant)

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