Detect Linux version of the game installed on a shared drive

  • I run Linux almost exclusively. I run a Windblows VM for the things that I absolutely must have but will not run on WINE after 6 days of trying, literally (no tries on Monday :) ).
    I was running A2-CO on WINE, with Pw6 running on the Windows VM to update and download mods to a shared drive. Of corse Pw6 does not launch the game, i use another launcher for that. Detecting the WINE-installed A2 game on a shared drive was easy, Pw6 detected it and ran without issue.
    Since the A3 Zeus went on sale I dove in and immediately downloaded the Linux experimental version. It runs better on Linux than the A2-OA install did on WINE, I don't know where the "experimental" part comes in except for the missing battleEye and native launcher. And now they have updated the A3 version to 1.54, I am happier than a clam.
    So I am looking to get Pw6 to install and update A3 mods now. Except Pw6 will not detect the Linux version of A3 when pointed to it on a shared drive. I am not sure what Pw6 is looking for, maybe the "exe" file? (of which Linux does not use "8.3" file extensions) So I would like to know if I can either "fool" Pw6 into believing that the Linux install really is legit, because it is, or if the Pw6 application can have a way of detecting the actual Linux install. Automatic detection, or manual forced detection, like a check-box in the settings that says "This is the Linux version on a shared drive".
    BTW, I am sure the Mac guys are reading this with anticipation as well.

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    Hi dbc,

    Sorry that I completely missed this post until now. This sounds like a reasonable request where it's mostly about us recognizing the correct files.
    Now I'm only the UX guy with no back-end knowledge on this, but I will point Sickboy in this direction soon to see if it's as easy as I hope it is.

    Will get back to you!

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    • Quick update -
      This is the initial response I got from Sickboy:
      [quote]Normally we would detect the OS you are running, and then apply the right Extension (.exe on Windows), (nothing on Linux).

    However you mix your Linux install of Arma3, with a Windows install of the client.
    So I guess it would make sense for us on Windows, to first check .exe, and then no Extension.
    Shouldnt be too much of effort[/quote]What this means for you is that it's now on the product backlog, we will estimate the time it'd take and then plan it in.
    When more is clear, I'll let you know.

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