PWS Crashing to Start

  • Hi!

    I have a problem when booting PWs ...When I run the application , but PWs logo appears after a few seconds , an error message disappears quickly arises .
    I managed to make a screenshot to see what is and this is what I have seen .
    I tried to run the application in compatibility mode and administrator and I have not gotten results .I meet all the requirements requested in the download does not work.
    I have installed Ama III via Steam. Even uninstall it to check that there was some incompatibility problem has always given me the same error.

    Please could you tell me as solucinarlos .

    Thank you very much.

    [img width=847,height=959] tiacutetulo_zpsxlsek1rf.png[/img]

  • Hi

    Any idea about it.

    Please, I still have the same problem ...

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