establishing mirror site on dedicated server from people

  • Hi, as I can't find anything about mirror keywords I guess that nobody have suggested what I'm going to propose now. 
    Will it be a bad idea if we add the option in playwithsix to activate personal mirror site? I guess that some of us have dedicated server host by big companies with big bandwith. So won't be better to be able to host the mods which we need on our dedicated server by synchronizing it with your servers every night for example or something like that? like that you could do some QoS by dividing the bandwith fo yours servers and reserve a small part to the server-to-server connection and also,  a lot of bandwith charge will be transfered from your servers to the personnal dedicated servers ...

  • withSIX

    @vigilliann hey that's a wonderful idea, but it's hard to put into practice, to enforce consistency and to spread the bandwidth in a good way (so that users don't end up with very slow downloads etc).
    We will take it under advisement though for the future (we're really spread thin currently)

  • I understand. I have maybe a part of solution for you. Boinc manager is a manager for scientific project which is for example setiathome(search for extraterestrial intelligence). The link between the project manager software and the project server appear to work with programmable delay. So The manager make a request to ask for more data, and the server answer to the manager with a delay timer for the next communication... Maybe we could implement that  way in the future?

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