Non fatal error occured

  • ever since i installed pw6 on a fresh windows installation i cant update or download any mods. it either says "non fatal error occured, a problem orccured during updating. error info: one or more errors occured while processing sixsync mods" or it says something about synq and acces denied, for some reason i cant reproduce the last error at the moment and i dont remember what exactly it says. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Yes! This! Same bloody issue for me... :( (Edit2: Actually, after re-reading the OP, I am not sure if we're having the same issue.)

    Below is a nice long list of all the errors that popped up for me. (Edit: I am using AVAST AV but had I was able to reproduce these errors with my AV disabled completely. Play withSIX also is running with admin permissions and is allowed through my firewall.)

    All errors appeared in this order.

  • After downloading and replacing cygwin1.dll manually, different errors started popping up (I also tried replacing SevenZipSharp.dll manually, didn't fix anything). Again, in this order:

    - [img][/img]

    - [img][/img]

    - [img][/img]

  • withSIX

    Thanks for the report,

    I have forwarded it, Sickboy will respond shortly

  • managed to fix it by uninstalling pw6 and also removing all folders in the appdata roaming and local folders + deleting the .synq folder in the mods directory.

  • withSIX

    Glad to hear you were able to fix it this way.

  • Lucky you. I already tried deleting all related AppData and Program Files folders... The only thing I didn't try was deleting the related registry entries, but I doubt it would make any difference in this case.

    The reason I had to do a clean install was because every time I launched Play withSIX, it would open a command prompt. When I clicked 'yes', behold, another command prompt would appear. Every time I clicked 'yes' to that prompt, a subsequent one would pop up after. And so on went the annoying loop.

    Needless to say, it's not fixed for me.

  • withSIX

    The issue you are describing sounds very much of a communication issue. It appears that your antivirus or firewall software is blocking in and/or outbound connections required. If you can, either generate exceptions within your security software or disable it to launch.

    Let me know if this resolves your issue.

  • In my first post, I mentioned Pw6 was allowed through my firewall, and I had disabled my AV for these tests.

  • withSIX

    copy, must have missed that. Can you attach the logs, they are in menu/settings/diagnostics/save logs

    This might help us track down your issue faster

  • AV logs or Pw6 logs?

    Edit: Disregard... 'scuse my blatant idiocy. Gimme a min, I'll post the logs here. If possible.

    Edit2: Logs are too long to post here, sorry. Want it in multiple posts, or is there some kind of attachments option? Also, do you need both logs ('cef.log' and 'Play withSIX.log') or only one?

  • Well, I can't post the logs here (too long), so I'll post links instead.


    [url=]"Play withSIX.log"
    I am retiring for the day. I look forward to your response, and with that I bid you adieu. G'night!

  • Good morning... or whatever the time is there. Any luck thus far?

  • withSIX


    we have just released a new beta for PwS, this should address your issue.

    Please download the new Beta and let me know if it fixes your problem

    Kind regards


  • Nope. Downloaded and running the Beta, same issue...

    Edit: And just to clarify, I am of course trying to run it in administrator mode, with my AV disabled.

  • withSIX

    Thanks for your report, a new beta build is incoming in 40-60 min. Please update and test. If it fails, share your logs with us.

    Fingers crossed :)

  • Well, the usual errors have not popped up yet, so (fingers crossed) that issue is resolved. Now it's just hanging on 'Status: Unpacking tools. 0%'. I will update if anything changes.

    Edit: Problem resolved. Thanks! If it's not too much of a bother to explain, what was causing the issue?

  • withSIX


    I am relieved to hear that it is fixed. Regarding the cause of the issue. I have asked the developer who fixed it to respond here. But since he is swamped with work, it might take a bit :)

    Best regards


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