Can't download latest Sync, can't update

  • Sync WithSix was having a host of issues, so I uninstalled it. I then downloaded Play WithSix and Sync WithSix from the site. Play has no issues, I can open it up, log in, and so on. I can open Sync (my prior issue had been it wouldn't open), but for some reason the version downloaded was version 1.0.1. I downloaded it straight from the link on the WithSix site. I'm logged into Sync, and when I try to update it it goes to the update page on the site, but the page says that the client couldn't be detected. Please help. FYI, there were some notifications about importing Play WithSix settings, restarting with diagnostics, and saving logs, but not sure what they entail. I'll soon be travelling out of Wi-Fi range for around a month, but I'll check back here to see what solutions there are soon as I can. Thanks in advance.


  • withSIX

    Hi, could you please try redownloading the latest Sync from our website? This should solve the issue.

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