Can't Install Iron Front for Arma 3

  • So I been trying to install iron front all day for arma 3 and it seems that it doesn't want to work! So I subscribed to this and I finished downloading everything. But the "AllinArmaPackStandAlone" was torrented and verified with "play withsix". So the conversion starts and I did run "play with six" as admin as I was told. But after it was done it wouldn't launch automatically and when I tried to launch it by selecting launch on "play withsix" it asked to do the conversion again. I did try launching it through the arma 3 launcher and I found out that the files were converted and were located in my arma 3 installation folder. There was "@IF" and "@LIB_DLC_1". I launched the game and had those two enabled including "AllinArmaStandalone", "CBA", "and ifa3". The game did launch with a crash or blackscreen but the only maps I could use were all of the arma 2 maps, the 3 arma 3 maps, and the Iron Front D-day map which was "Omaha Beach". I was missing the other iron front maps that were also supposed to be imported. I then went into the editor onto omaha beach and found out that the map seemed corrupted and I could not spawn any iron front objects or units. The arma 2 units from "AllinArmaPackStandalone" spawned fine but had a error which was relating to the arma 2 guns not existing because the "CUP Weapons Pack" was not installed. But this is fine because the "AllinArmaPackStandalone" mod is just needed for A2/A2OA textures and maps. The problem seems to be that the conversions does not want to function properly at all.

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