How do I add a customized mod to a collection?

  • How can I add a mod with some of my own customizations to a playwithsix  mod collection?

    For our server, we want to offer a mod collection that contains both ace3 and vtn_a3. However, since both vtn and ace offer their medical and inventory systems which are not really compatible with one another, I need to remove some .pbos from the vtn mod.
    This is done easily enough for myself, I just need to manually navigate to that directory and delete those pbos, but I haven't yet figured out how to make so every user of the collection will get the customized vtn mod when using this collection.

    I have tried creating a custom repository on my web server, by creating a new directory and adding a config.yml and another for a server (following the example I found here:, but that doesn't really do what I want. Apparently, I can only define servers and IP addresses and lists of required/optional mods by name this way, but not add customised mods. I have tried uploading the customized mod to the same directory, but play withSix will not download it when starting the game this way and instead use the version provided by playwithsix. I also tried renaming the mod, but then playwithsix will just ignore it / show it as "local" and not load anything.

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    Perhaps instead of removing pbos, you could make a bridge pbo that disable the system for you, either by config or script etc.
    Then you could host this on the network, or on a custom repo ([url=][/url])
    Otherwise you could indeed make a copy and remove the pbo, and host that on the custom repo.

    We're working on improved group/private content hosting, stay tuned for more :)

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