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    After months of silence, it is time to finally reveal what we've been working on!
    Our first major update to our website in a long time and the first true implementation of our new Sync software approach.
    Watch our video introduction, to see for your self, what we're so excited about!

    We've always wanted to improve the way you interact with mods. Starting by how you discover them all up to how you get ready to launch and play them together with friends and teammates.
    Because of this, we focused our existing solutions and where we could innovate and enhance them. We also looked at what has changed since we started 5 years ago in the modding scene and how the content is supported nowadays.
    The result of this, is a new approach, that combines modern web technology with a small client. This allows you to directly interact with the content from our website. With a minor update to the websites interface and a major change for our software solutions.
    This is the new!

    We're really excited to release this update near the end of this month. Until then we're still tweaking and improving some elements before that.
    We want to release something new, unique and way more user-friendly than what we've released so far.
    To help us, please share your questions, feedback and ideas. Contact us if you like to get early access. Help us to test and make sure we've accounted for all situations and release as bug-free as possible. To participate contact us at [email protected]

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    Awesome :)

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