I can't update my mod and fail to remove dependencies for latest version

  • I can't update my mod to 0.51 and fail to remove dependencies (RH Acc pack & RH M4/M16 pack) for latest version (0.50).

    mod: SSHK Insignia

  • withSIX


    sorry to hear you have issues.

    I have created a ticket here: https://trello.com/c/2pTERAks

    Regarding the removal of dependencies, I was able to remove the RH ACC pack.

    Open the Editor, then click on the X next to the dependency that you want to remove and then save the changes.

    The design will be improved soon :)

  • withSIX


    It appears that your latest update has no changes within the files. We are automatically comparing files and our system only updates when there are actual changes.

    Once we have the new website release out of the way, we will upgrade the info about mod updates so you will know exactly why an update does not work, directly on the website.

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