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    Meet the new withSIX.com and our improved 'Sync withSIX' client approach. A major update to our website after months of hard work!

    Enjoy the new interface and all the great improvements that come with it.
    Discovering and experiencing mods has never been easier. Feel free to combine them in any way you want into Playlists or share them with your friends as Collections.

    The new withSIX.com combines our vision for a platform, dedicated to discovering and experiencing mods.

    Since we started on our journey five years ago we wanted to push the boundaries of how you can experience mods.
    Starting with the 6th Updater and later PwS, we added version control, Custom repository support and much more.

    Now, we integrated all these amazing features into an easy to use interface.
    No matter if you are a casual gamer or the manager of a major community, the new withSIX.com offers a solution for every user type.

    With this major upgrade, we want to give you an flexible and intuitive way to find, combine and enjoy modifications, while keeping the features we added over the years.

    You can quickly add mods for a casual gaming session to the newly added playlist or create major collections with version control, custom repository support and linked servers, using the same easy to use interface.

    We hope you enjoy the new withsix.com. Let us know how you like the new platform and what you would like us to add next.


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