Firefox Exception page wont load

  • When trying to get the Firefox exception page to load all I get is this:

    alt text

  • withSIX


    Yea good old Firefox :p

    Is Sync running while you try to add the exception?

    What version of Firefox do you run?
    Do you have Security suits installed that could prevent the connection? some Antivirus software's control the browser and are blocking local connections

    I have forwarded your issue to our devs for further analysis

    In the meantime, you can use the build in Browser.
    Simply Right click on the Sync icon in your Taskbar and select Use Sync UI

    Best regards


  • withSIX

    We're working on improving the behavior/compatility with Firefox and have a good solution already in the works.
    In this case it seems the software wasn't running yet.

  • withSIX

    We've got something nice cooked up for the upcoming build! stay tuned :)

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