Quick actions & shortcuts in Sync

  • Would be possible to add a recent quick actions into sync dropdown menu? Like steam has? - http://imgur.com/4A6k4yW (Actions Update & Launch, Update & Join). I would really like that.

    Also what about an option to create a shortcut from collection like it was in PWS? that would be also great.

    And overall, I really like the new Sync, it's really great and well done - the interaction with website is superb and Sync UI build on Electron is also great, keep up the great work!

  • withSIX

    Greetings, glad you like the new platform.

    Regarding your questions.

    More Actions added to Tray icon

    We will certainly look into this, however we want to keep the tray icon clean and there are lots of possibilites of how you would play. Currently we plan to add something we call "Quick action". This will allow you to define presets with custom commands. So you can quickly play with your most desired collections etc. We can then expand this to the tray icon eventually.

    here is how this could look: https://gyazo.com/f7abc0edc062feb6f562fcb9ba6f979e

    Quick Desktop shortcuts.

    This should surely be possible, we can add "create shortcut" or sth. to the dropdown menu for mods etc. Will bring it up with the team and see how we can best do this.

    In general, it is very important to us to keep a clean and focused design while having all the features and functions you are used to have on PwS :)

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