Launch doesn't work for Iron Front Arma 3

  • Hi,

    when i click LAUNCH it is supposed to patch the game, but after like 15-20 minutes i get an Error and withSIX crashes.

    How can i fix that? It's really annoying :(

  • withSIX


    in order to figure out what is going on we need some further info.

    1. What client software are you using, PwS or the new Sync ?

    2. What are the exact steps you take, is the mod up to date and you want to launch the game with it, or do you want to update the mod ?

    3. Please attach the logfiles, this way we can see what the client is doing.

    For PwS, you can get the logs in Menu/Settings/diagnostics/save logs
    for Sync, right click on the Tray icon, select "Issue Tracker" and then "Save logs"

    Ensure that the game is properly detected by the client. If the game does not launch, it could be that this might be the issue at hand.

  • I use both clients.
    I install it and click on Launch, it patches it and i got an error message (i don't remember it anymore, but i think it was something with it couldn't understand the file type)

    Now i opened PwS in administrator mode, but when it should be finished and i click on launch, it downloads everything for the patch again

    Here are the logs (they are a bit long)

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