Can't launch my games?

  • Hi Guys see below screenshot.

    I'm wanting to migrate over to sync with six from the desktop app play with six but it's not letting me launch Arma 3? It says "install" my mod collection when I know everything is up to date and installed.

    I simply want to launch the game using sync with six.

    Any ideas what the error below is?


    alt text

  • withSIX

    Hi Eliot,

    Are you trying to install on a dedicated server? In that case you have to enable "Dedicated Server" setting in the game settings,
    as Sync currently thinks the game is not installed. (The error is much more clear in latest release..)

    As to the Install state of the collection, it will probably not download/process for a long time if you already got all the mods.
    Will investigate if we can just detect the collection as being installed, when all it's mods are found, at the right version :)
    Logged that here:

  • Hi Sickboy thanks for your reply.

    All of the mods and arma 3 are installed locally on my SSD. It seems as though Sync With Six isn't recognizing they are installed and up to date for some reason?

  • withSIX

    @Elliot-Mist I see, have a look at the Settings (right click the Sync icon in the tray notification area, and click Settings to get there), and make sure the path for the games are setup correctly.

  • HI Yes I believe the paths are setup correctly.

    See below screenshots of Play with six paths (works correctly and can launch arma 3) and Sync With Six paths (cannot launch arma 3)

    Any ideas?

  • I've also seen this error popup:

    alt text

  • withSIX

    @Elliot-Mist I see, try updating to the latest version first.
    If it doesnt appear as an update notification, exit sync, and grab the latest at

  • Ok if I delete my installs of play with six and sync with six before re-downloading , will that also delete my mods also?

  • withSIX

    @Elliot-Mist nope, however there should be no need to do that.
    Unless perhaps you used an older beta version of Sync before.. in that case removing appdata\local\six networks\sync and appdata
    oaming\six networks\sync might help.

    If you still have issues it would be great if you could run in diagnostics mode, try again, and then save the diagnostic logs, and pass them over dropbox or similar file service.
    (Diagnostics are available in the right click menu on the tray icon)

    For upcoming build (.21) i've at least removed the silencing of an error regarding synchronizing the information from our network, which could be related to the issue, and now reveal the problem :)

  • withSIX

    hi @Elliot-Mist I think things should be better for you now, especially since the new 1.1.3 build...
    let us know how things go..

  • @Sickboy I've just reinstalled Play With Six and am getting the below error for this specific file. I have deleted Sync With Six off my system.

    Any ideas?

    alt text

  • withSIX

    @Elliot-Mist hm that's odd, seems like it somehow got corrupted, might want to drop the SIX Networks\shared folder and try again.
    Are there any problems or limitations with the new Sync which makes you prefer PwS?

  • @Sickboy What do you mean by "drop the SIX Networks\shared folder and try again"?

    I've tried Sync several times but it wasn't allowing me to launch Arma 3. Sync looks way more appealing to use than PWS.

    I'd be happy to share my screen and run through with you? Email or PM me?

    I'd love to get this troubleshooted ASAP.

  • withSIX

    @Elliot-Mist hi Eliot, with drop I meant delete.
    So with all the withSIX programs closed, go to C:\users\(your username)\appdata\local\SIX Networks
    and then Delete the "Shared" folder.

    Then try the latest Sync installer from
    If you still run into issues, we'll do a direct support session, no problem!

    Thanks for hanging in there!

  • @Sickboy Thanks I'll give this a go on the weekend.

  • withSIX

    @Elliot-Mist any improvements lately? :)

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