Add ability to run multiple instances of Sync on the same box

  • withSIX

    Currently you can only run one instance of Sync on a box at the same time.
    This is okay for user systems, but can be a problem on shared server systems.

    The port could maybe be made configurable and or auto-dynamic. When opening the browser from the Sync client or using Sync UI, the port could be passed along.

    When used on a multi-user system the default port should never be used. This forces the requirement of the port to be specified, and should make sure no instances get mixed up.

    Another approach could be multi-user/profile system where a single Sync client on the system would perform the actions.
    However this would not work well because we have a single-write-action per game limitation atm, and not planning to change that anytime soon.

    A workaround for the hosting server could be to use Virtual Machines to separate the multiple users.

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