How to edit my own collection

  • I can't find how to edit my personal collection anymore, there used to be a simple "edit collection" button but I can't seem to find it anymore.

  • withSIX

    Good morning,

    lets find your collection again :)

    First, how did you edit your collection, did you use PwS or did you use the new Platfrom?

    If you created your Collection via PwS and did not publish it, you can find your collection in The Explorer Window within the "COLLECTIONS" settings. Make sure to Select the right game.

    On the New system, your collection will always be saved with your profile.
    (Make sure to be logged in)

    To find it you can
    a) Click on the little PC shaped Icon on the Top left of the website. This opens the Quick library. If you scroll down you can see all you collections.

    When found, move your mouse over it and in the 3Dot Dropdown on the right side select "load into playlist" or "edit".

    b) you can also find your collection within your main library:

    I hope this helps :)

  • Thanks for the response! This sort of helped, but unfortunately when I click on the little PC shaped icon, scroll down to my collection, and then click the 3Dot Dropdown button, I only see "Fork, Unsubscribe, and Install" no edit or load into playlist??

    It's almost looking like it's not my collection, but I'm definitely the author, J.Rico. It's a collection my unit uses, it has 36 subs and until just recently I've had not issues editing the collection list.

    This is the Collection

    I'm using PwS 1.68.0 (1.68.1388.1)

  • withSIX

    It looks like you are not logged in with the same account that was used to create the collection.

    Please check what account you used in PwS to create the collection.


  • It is the same account. That's the problem, I haven't changed anything but I still can not edit my own public collection.

  • withSIX

    @J.Rico hi, any changes recently? We'll be deploying new updates for PWS in the coming days, however we recommend to use the web interface instead

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