Can't save my modified collection...

  • Hello,

    I'm having a problem I didn't have before :

    When I want to edit my collection (public one), I open the editor, go into "Content", delete the mod I don't want and... Can't press the save button. When I want to exit Six spams me about how I have unsaved changes. And I end up being stuck in this page. Really annoying.

    Can you please fix this or maybe am I doing something wrong ?

  • Having the exact same issue.

  • Also I can't do that on Play withSix either, whenever I want to remove the mod it says it is server required, but I'm the owner of the collection.

    For my problem with Sync I'm using Google Chrome, and Sync on Windows 10 Pro 64 bits.

  • withSIX

    Hi, apologies for the delay, Are there any improvements to this issue since latest deployments?
    Is there a custom repository connected? In terms of Play withSIX, if a servery is connected then the server mods will be considered required automatically. This should not be the case with Sync though..

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