ArmA 2 mods no longer available in ArmA 3 collections

  • Hi,

    A few weeks ago some of my group members reported that they could not search for Arma 2 map mods in Play withSix with an ArmA 3 collection selected, while on my end I was able to. However, they were able to download the mods through a custom (SIX updater) repository so I ignored the issue.

    Recently I received reports that one of our maps @Clafghan was missing and indeed, all arma 2 mods are now showing 'Not Installed' Pic

    I am also unable to search for any ArmA 2 mods. Note that although it says 'not installed', no content was actually deleted. All affected mods are still present on my computer.

    In my group people run various versions of Play withSix, most people keep it up-to-date but others don't. Everyone however shares the same problem. I recently updated to up-to-date 1.69.1496.1 from 1.68 and I'm still having the issue. It sounds like a database problem to me.

    Is there any particular reason why this is happening? Was it perhaps intended? I also remember about a year ago there was a placeholder mod you'd be able to add to your collection to unlock arma 2 content, not sure what happened to that.

    If you need any logs from me just say so and I'll dropbox em up here.

    Kind regards,

  • withSIX

    @MrSanchezHD hi!

    We've made some changes to how we store and transfer tags (categories), these are the basis for using A2 mods in A3 currently..
    There was a known issue last week but was resolved swiftly with another update, so I am a bit surprised you're running into this issue.
    I did just confirm that I can reproduce it... Checking and will release a fix shortly!

  • withSIX

    @MrSanchezHD hmm, I actually cannot reproduce it when I apply the pre-requisites for loading A2 content into A3, which is to add one of the mappacks:

            "@a3mp", "@AllInArmaTerrainPack",
            "@AllInArmaTerrainPackLite", "@cup_terrains_core", "@cup_terrains_maps"

    Can you confirm that you are running one of these in the Collection?

  • @Sickboy

    Can confirm.
    My group's collection contains both CUP terrains core and maps. And a test collection with those included doesn't work either.
    This is how my test collection looks like:

    I then go into the search bar to look for any ArmA 2 mods such as Celle or Clafghan but I can't find them (except some which I have locally installed, which shows 'local' @ version info)

    When a few of my group members reported it a week ½ ago I wasn't able to reproduce it either :S

    Kind regards,

  • withSIX

    This post is deleted!

  • withSIX

    @MrSanchezHD hmm it seems like hit and miss. When you switch back and forth a few times then it works one time, and not another.
    You can see when it works the number of available mods jumps up. So when you switch to a collection with the cup addons, it should increase the number (atm 2273), and if you switch to one without the cup, it should decrease (atm 2154).

    It seems to fail often when you switch collections very close to startup. But after a while it starts to work properly and switching collections with and without the cup addons starts to become consistent..

  • withSIX

    The issue should be resolved in the latest BETA release, and following shortly on STABLE.

  • @Sickboy
    Alright that's good :D

    Btw, I'm still on stable but I wasn't able to get it to switch back and forth the mods count when switching from an empty collection to one that includes cup addons. It's always 2154 (atm). And I kept my PwS on for 2 hours.

    But here's hoping that you found the issue nevertheless :)

    Kind regards,

  • withSIX

    @MrSanchezHD interesting, did you get the new build yet? 1.69.1500.1

  • @Sickboy Yeah I updated 2 hours before I last posted. I'll verify correct version again tomorrow

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