My mod is stuck on updating...

  • I went to update my mod the other day (
    from to and the system now seems to be stuck on "Uploading".

    When i press cancel it switches over to "canceling..." for a couple of seconds and then goes right back to "Uploading", making it impossible for me to upload newer versions. It's been like this for a good 48 hours by now.

    It is clearly NOT uploading since i have restarted my computer a couple of times since attempting it and it is not exactly a large mod (about 6.7 MB).

    Initially i thought it might sort itself with time, but I now suspect it is stuck somehow. What can I do to fix it?

  • withSIX

    Thanks for the info,

    There was an API restet, this is why some mods got stuck. It should all work now.

    I can also update the mod for you but you need to give me the source link.

    Best regards


  • I am now getting this error:

    "An error has occured while trying to 'Queue action: Upload @ZSN_Coldwar'

    An unexpected error has occurred while trying to execute the requested action:
    error while executing 5

    We've been notified about the problem.

    Please make sure you are running the latest version of the software.

    If the problem persists, please contact Support:"

    And i get sent an automated e-mail acknowledging the error. I have had this before, but sometimes it seems to work anyway. (I have like 20 e-mails like it)
    And yes I am running the latest version of the software, even tried the beta.

    Here is a source link for the files: Cold War Units

  • withSIX


    I have updated your mod for you. :)

  • withSIX

  • Oops, seems the link I posted for for an older version, here is the actual RC2 version

    Cold War Units

    Sorry for your trouble, I am really grateful for your prompt and effective assistance :)

  • withSIX

    no worries, will update this one too.

    Your mod must be showing upload for you. Since the link you have chosen is probably not the direct download link, it is stuck waiting. Please cancel.

    I can then upload via local upload for you :)

  • Uh, no it is not showing upload, I'll try exiting the sync client and log off just to be sure.

  • withSIX

    No worries, found the issue, there is a mod upload with a lower version stuck, our Dev is fixing the underlying problem and deploying a fix for this.

    I managed to reach him in his holiday for this :P

  • Great, everything seems to be working as it should now!

    Again thanks a lot for the support, and I hope your Dev can go back to his holiday :)

  • withSIX

    Sure thing, will tell him :D

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